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Hi, I was diagnosed with GAD last year and am still trying to learn about it. I was told it was this means to me that it is pretty much with me regardless if I am having any worrying issues. Does that make sense to you? I am going for a physical this Tuesday....I am scared to I usually am when I have to go to the doctor....always afraid he will find something wrong. I have printed things off that I want to discuss with him....and one of them is your question. When I was diagnosed by a psychiatrist (I think that's what he was)....he told me I had GAD....when my other 3 doctors heard this they all agreed with him immediately. But NONE of them told me what to expect...didn't tell me any symptoms...nothing.

Another reason I scheduled this physical is that I have been having moderate pain in my legs....mostly calves. It started in September....I went to the er to rule out blood clots, doctor told me I most certainly do not have PAD and then he told me to stretch more. Well, of course, now I'm afraid I have MS although I don't have any other symptoms. It probably is from GAD.....which having sore muscles is a symptom.....but like you, I am wondering, if I'm not necessarily worrying about anything....does something like sore muscles just "pop up" out of no where? Not sure if I made myself clear....I guess I needed to vent. Thank you for listening.

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