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Day 16 & 17.

I've continued taking lexapro at night around 11 to 12 midnight.... I'm still having trouble falling asleep so I'm going to try over the next few days to take it an hour earlier each day to see what hour is best for me to get to sleep at a reasonable hour yet not have to go through any of the side effects I was experiencing around 3+ hours after taking it in the day. I'm not sure if I'll even have any side effects at this point but for sure taking it at night has gotten me past the very sleepy, fatigued stage I was having while taking it in the day. As I said before, while taking it in the day, it would come on after 3+ hours of taking lexapro and then pass after about 4 hours and I'd feel mostly normal.

Day 16, I hardly got any sleep at all and was still able to function the next day some how. I did get tired a little earlier that night than I normally do but still had things to do so I couldn't hit the sack around 9pm as I would have liked to. I had a fairly good amount of energy after 3PM though and was able to help my sister load a large truck of junk from her garage. I was pooped after that though! Mood wise, I do seem to be getting back to being a tiny bit less patient which is another reason I think I will add another 2.5mg in a week or two to see if it helps. No anxiety AT ALL and in a pretty good mood overall.

Day 17, I couldn't sleep till around 2AM but I did get to sleep long and good thank goodness! It's been taking me a little longer to get motivated in the mornings.... Like my bigger energy don't really kick in till after 3PM but I'm in the mood for things more after 1pm. Not really a tired feeling... Just kind of a lazy feeling, like I need some chillout time/me time. Today around 1PM I had enough energy to help my sister again, haul off that truck load of junk and unload it. Not very fun but good exercise and I was in good spirits.

I have noticed something new... I've been getting a little forgetful & saying things backwards for the last 3 or 4 days, or not pronouncing things right for example, husband every now and then comes out as huband, or morning comes out as moring and so on, as if to be tongue tied. I've only ever had this issue once before when my thyroid was going back into a hypo faze so can't say for sure what's causing it. I see my dr soon and will see what my thyroid numbers say.

My husband's been calling lexapro my "happy pill". He thinks I'm in a much better mood and seem to be enjoying life and people more than before.

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