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Hi everyone i found this site while researching anxiety because i havent got a clue whats happening with me

.. heres my story 1 week before xmas i just had dinner washing dishes & bang like a kick in my back it felt like someone was squeezing my heart. light headed ready to pass out & couldnt get my breath & left arm numb got myself to the sofa & when breathing calmed down felt my whole body shake with massive heart palpations eventually it calmed down after about 30 mins thought i was on my way out

the next morning i woke up with left arm feeling really weird & i was scared to death of what had happened to me so took myself to emergency thinking maybe i had a mild heart attack & dont want to wait around for another 1 .. explained to Doc & he said you just described a heart attack so ECG 4 hrs observation ward heart monitor machine blood pressure was 189/109 they couldnt find anything & gave me the verdict of Hypertension { high blood pressure } gave me tabs & i went home but i dont have any of the symptoms for hypertension so i went to another Dr for 2nd opinion he recommended i have check up at heart specialist so i did they tested me from head to toe & everything in between ...nothing !

exactly 1 week later on xmas eve i woke up feeling awful & within 1 hour had the scariest experience of my life started losing control of my breathing, light headed & then both my arms started to wrap themselves around my body i know this sounds weird but it was even wierder to experience it my hands tightened up & i couldnt open them gasping for breath & had to force my own hand open to pick up my mobile .. heres what was going thru my head ... a stroke .. severe shaking from head to toe OMG my friend came & took me to emergency yet again same tests ECG, blood pressure & they referred me to another hospital because they didnt have a heart specialist on duty went to another hospital & after some tesing & gave me oxygen my breathing started to relax this must have gone on for a couple of hrs i was drained & the Dr asked me ''has something bad happened to you ? why are you so stressed ? i remember saying no way could stress cause what i have been thru .. oh yes it can... went back day after for more tests & follow up & there results were stress /anxiety attacks i was in shock to think that stress could do that. i came away with Lorazepam but have never took more than a panadol for a headache ..

i have had a lot of stuff in my life lost my parents at 2 yrs old & in the last 5 yrs lost my adoptive mum / dad & 2 sisters & a few other things also plus always been hyper active
I thought i was the kind of person that thrived on stress but would never believe it can do that to you, almost 4 wks on now & i am only just getting over the shock it has really affected me & blown me away to be honest .. i havent had anymore just a couple of feelings of it starting & had to come back home but i have spent most nights researching what is actually happening to me & how to control it & getting stronger every day ..

i really feel for you guys that have suffered for yrs with this , if i think about it i used to live on coffee only eat once a day i work at home & live alone & started to get withdrawn & a bit peed of with the world because of all the loss in my life so i suppose i was a walking target but i will fight this all the way with natural vitamins, i am 1 of these people that never go to the Dr & proud of it & i have heard of anxiety attacks & thought it was just short of breath & a panicky feeling oh boy not even close ! any feedback from you guys is so welcome .. hope we all keep strong & beat this .. bye for now :wave:

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