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Re: Zoloft/ Day 1
Jan 25, 2011
Two hours now and Im nervous,sure its because Im scared of meds but so far so good. Been on the phone with a friend and its keeping my mind occupied. Feel nothing else, but of course its soon and my 1st low dose. Still would like to hear some good stuff. Feels good to vent :)
Re: Zoloft/ Day 1
Jan 26, 2011
I started taking it because I was caring for my terminally ill mother in law. The stress was too much....but had to be done. Doc put me on Zoloft and I pulled my bootstraps up and did it....still on it...I have never had any negative side effects....only feeling better. It's such a low dose, and I have never felt the need to, I give it thumbs up!! Get busy doing something.....clean out your closet....that's what I do when I feel anxious....busy
Re: Zoloft/ Day 1
Jan 26, 2011
Thank you. I'll be doing what you are doing. I'll be going up to 25mg on Feb 1st. I did really good today, and I guess it's because my initial nervousness is going away since the 1st day of any med is the worst. I also did a lot around the house and stayed out with my family tonight and didnt hide. I kept a positive attitude and it seemed to work. No side effects at all, but then it because of the low dose? hmmm.... oh well, i wont think about it. I'm not taking any moment of no jelly legs for granted!! :)
Flin and guys have really eased my mind, thank you so much :)

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