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Okay, it's been a few days since my post, the withdrawl pains aren't as bad as they we're before, I'm still experiencing insomnia, heart racing, and vivid dreams. I've been taking Melatonin to help me sleep, but one of the side effects is vivid dreams as well, and the medicine makes me cold and twitch.... Does anyone know a way I can stop these vivid dreams or help with my insomnia? Melatonin helps me sleep for 2 hours or less at a time, I end up waking up, staying up for a few hours, then returning back to sleep for another hour or two. Max sleep ends up being about 5-6 hours.

my vivid dreams consist of anything. I had a dream about a pack of wolves racing to put information in my brain and we're killing one another. Then I had a dream that I was taking off in a plane and then the plane can see why I want to stop having such horrible dreams...

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