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Hello all this is my first post.

I'm 16 years old and for over 5 years I've felt sick every day but mostly when I wake up in the morning. Over the past 2 years I had trouble sleeping and only got between 3-7 hours a night, I just cannot sleep. I wake up feeling sick meaning I skip breakfast and often lunch, therefore only usually having an evening meal roughly although there is some exceptions such as the occasional day. I'm not usually affected by this on weekend and often find myself sleeping better and eating more, this may be due to the fact that by body is very tired from the week of small amounts of sleep.

Only recently has the sickness been getting worse, I've found myself feeling very sick in the morning just as if I was going but be but I never am. I do try and keep telling myself that its just nerves and I won't be sick etc, but that never works.

I'm also finding myself very uncomfortable and feeling weak/sick/hot around some people especially girls who I feel have a slight attraction to me. I know it sounds stupid but at my age I really want to be normal and enjoy myself alone around girls.

Say if a girl ask if I would like to meet up or go out I'd suddenly feel very very sick, dizzy and weak and then I'd just make up some excuse or say I didn't like them even though I would actually get to know them.

One time a few months ago I was at a party and I'd been speaking to a girl a lot before and she made it obvious she liked me. Before I got there I was feeling OK and when I got there we were just sitting down talking then I suddenly started feeling so very sick/hot/weak, I had to rush upstairs and be sick. After I was sick I felt OK but fragile and wasn't sick again then left a few hours later.
The same thing happened at another party with the same girl and I wasn't nervous before as I didn't know she was going, when she came I was in the same room for about 5 minutes then I had to rush to the toilet and be sick, like before I wasn't sick again but just sat there feeling very fragile whilst everyone else was enjoying themselves.
Now I am always thinking that I'm going to be sick around girls if I am left alone and the whole thing is taking over my life.

I am sorry to have wrote such a long post but I'm just trying to express how frustrated I am with myself because of this. I'm missing out on some of the best parts of my life because of this stupid sickness and it just won't go, I hate it.
I'll do anything to just feel normal and not sick.

I really do appreciate anyone that's taken the time to read this,

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