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For the past few months I have been dealing with alot of fatigue and weakness, esp. in arms & legs. But the past 3 days its been so bad that it's beyond "jelly legs". MY legs feel like they are shaking even though visibly they are not. It feels like they are going to give out and even when I'm laying down they still feel like I'm standing on them and that they are shakey & exhausted!

But since last night I am beyond freaked out. Besides, the bad weakness, my hands & feet are ICE cold. My hands are a little swollen & feel stiff and hard to close,or grasp. I keep getting these weird sensations/pains in my legs (back of knee & thigh area) and arms...they come & go quickly. My heart keeps skipping beats. :dazed:

This is not my usual anxiety symptoms at all. Could this be something else? A circulatory problem? I dont want to google. Just so scared & freaked out right now. My doctor appointment isnt until next friday!! Any responses are appreciated. I am not on meds, dont drink, smoke or do drugs.
Sportybears....I too have all these problems, hang in there. I have no Thyroid problems, had it checked a few times, but you should definately have that checked to rule it out. I have the Jelly-legs almost everyday. It is not there when I get up in the morning, it starts around 11am everyday, I do NOT know why. Does your leg weakness happen at a certain time?? I found that getting up in the morning and getting busy right away does help. I don't know what your situation is. I also have very cold limbs and heart palpitations at night mostly. I've noticed that my weak legs feel better with Xanax, which enforces my belief and eases my health worries that it IS anxiety. I would get tests done and maybe think about getting on some kind of medicine if you are having troubles functioning. Good luck to you. ...and Thank God they have shopping carts at the stores to lean on lol ....although I still have yet to fall. Let us know how you are :)

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