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I'm pretty sure I've had anxiety since I graduated from high school (never to serious, but bad enough). Always tired, uncomfortable in certain situations, obsessing about health issues, anger and generally high strung. I would also binge drink, maybe once or twice a week.

Gradually, I started declining physically. I gained a ton of weight, developed stomach issues and consistantly felt like hell. Tired, Angry, Frustrated, definetely not how I wanted to feel in my Mid -20's. I was traveling across the country with work on a regular basis which i'm sure, added fuel to the fire. I would occasionally get burst of energy that would allow me to workout and I would feel somewhat better. Eventually they would fade and I'd be back to square one.

My stomach issues recently have been getting the best of me. I started having stool changes, constipation and diarrhea. Pretty much an anxiety sufferers worst nightmare. So I said enough was enough and went to the doc (were I hadn't been in a few years.) I was scared out of my mind that I had colon cancer or sometime of cancer in my bowels. Went and explained to the doctos my symptoms. Diarrhea, Constipation, Flat Stool. He said IBS, since I had a scope roughly 5-6 years ago and everything was perfect. He gave me a total blood work up and everything was fine. Thyroid came back a little high so I was put on Levothyroxine. He also prescribed me Lexapro 10 MG because he said that he could definetely see that I have alot of anxiety. I was also prescribed BP meds.

So I begin my wonderful pill popping regimen. Not realizing that I am go to be on the ride of my life with the Lexapro. Basically 5 weeks of living hell before it got any better. My anxiety was so bad that I was actually going to my parents house in tears (mind you i'm a 26 year old 6'2" 300 Lb Male) thinking that I was going to die from Bowel Cancer, even tho the symptoms never got any worse except for stomach rumbling, which I am going to assume is due to one of my pills because it started after I began taking my meds. Eventually, the extreme anxiety seized followed by what I can only call alternating bouts of depression and happiness. There are days when I can wake up and function awesomely, and then there are days where I feel like I can't even lift my head. I have also noticed that my ability to show much of any emotion is pretty much gone. I almost feel like I am just here if that makes any sense, kind of like a active yet drugged feeling, my appetite is also really wonky, some days I don't feel like eating at all and then some days I binge eat. My stomach issues are still the same. And my weight consistantly is up and down.

I went to the doc today for my monthly check up due to my thyroid. Told him I would really like to get off the Lexapro ASAP. He said give it a couple more weeks. So we will see were it goes from there. All I know is it's driving me nuts. My doc is a good doctor. I just don't think I need the Lexapro. I am in the process of trying to date someone and I could really see it screwing that up as I am way to apathetic.

Anyone else run into this issue with Lexapro or similiar drugs. Also, does anyone else have stomach issues due to anxiety, they drive me nuts.

Also I have noticed that I still have my health anxiety, it just seems suppressed, almost like I think about it but don't worry about it if that makes sense.

Ughh, just needed to vent a little.
I absolutely know how it feels to have anxiety due to stomach issues, I actually wrote a post on it recently. It started out where I would have an extremely upset stomach after eating and had to avoid going out to eat. Then it progressed to where I was afraid to go anywhere for fear of having stomach issues. My turning point was when I was on a 3 hour plane ride and my stomach freaked out out of nowhere and I had to take up the bathroom for ages. I was embarrassed and just plain miserable. I was also experiencing claustrophobia because I knew I was stuck on the stupid plane and couldn't call anyone to talk to them.

Anyway, I went to the doctor, and just like you I was diagnosed with IBS. It was nice to have a diagnosis, but not so nice to know that there isn't really an official cure for it. I was put on Prozac which did next to nothing and then Lexapro, still nothing, and finally Pristiq that made me turn into a zombie.

The one thing I have found is that my anxiety aggravates my IBS. If I think I'm going to have an IBS attack, 9 out of 10 times I do. If I push it to the back of my mind, it cuts my chances in half. I try to just stay calm and not panic, but IBS, especially with diarrhea, is extremely inconvenient.

I also have the health anxiety as well where I worry about what's wrong with my stomach even though they couldn't find anything. It always pushes into my head while I'm having an attack. I try to just reassure myself that I'm ok, but if you have doubts, perhaps you can try another gastroenterologist to maybe help you.

I don't know if I was helpful, just trying to let you know you aren't alone.
It was basically my GP that told me IBS, since I've had every test done under the sun over the past six years. I'm still not convinced tho. I recently learned that Celiac Disease and Thyroid problems can go hand in hand. So I am in the process of cutting gluten out of my diet.

On the bright side, I think the Lexapro is starting to work a little better for me. Sure, took enough time.

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