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If you have anxiety constantly id say you certainly need to be on a med like paxil that prevents the attacks from starting in the first place. If this is not the case and your just going through a stressful time a klonopin will certainly make you feel better almost instantly. Paxil though, has sexual side effects that you will not like if they occur with you.

Me personally, I take 1mg of clonazapam (klonopin) every day and have no problems whatsoever. One of the responders mentioned that they can be addictive and this is no b.s., they are. But I know one thing, my damn anxiety disorder is within me and is addictive also. My answer to you is try different drugs similar to paxil at first and chose the one that works for you (if it does)-your doctor should be open to you switching meds like these without question. But the klonopin the doc will be very hesitant to prescribe because the widespread misuse today. Good luck my friend this disorder (if you have it) will crush your life if you dont aggresively deal with it.

I say this about anxiety...breathing techniques and meditation or whatever some of these folks talk about clearly havent had dissociative symptoms (loss of reality-dizziness-loss of depth perception) that come with serious anxiety like I have. kick its butt by whatever means necessary dude Its better than the alternative. but thats just me Ive had this for 13years...KICK ITS BUTT!!!!!

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