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The house I live in with my parents is like 70 years old. It's on blocks so the bottom of the house is exposed to whatever moisture there is. I believe the entire bottom of the house is rotted and covered in mold. I'm sure the walls are filled. Water has been leaking through my kitchen floor for years. And the floor looks like its about to cave in. The ceiling did cave in from water in one room, which is now riddled with mold. There's mold in the bathroom. There's a moldy wet hole in the ceiling of my bedroom. There's mold growing out of our air vents on the ceiling (so I know there's mold EVERYWHERE in the attic and its constantly blowing on us through the air system. ) Oh, and the attic is also filled with raccoon feces, and the lining of my house is made of asbestos. And my parents have been smoking cigarettes in my house for 20 years. (I'm 17, forced to live here). Here's my symptoms, these ALL showed up within the past year. I'd also like to add I've been extremely healthy my entire life. Until our house started falling apart.

-Constant migraines
-Brain fog (life doesn't feel real)
-I'm always in a daze
-Constant dizziness
-My memory has been terrible lately
-I've randomly developed a terrible anxiety disorder (frequent panic attacks, never even had one till this year. I could right a freaking novel about my anxiety problem)
-I'm always tired
-I now have an ear infection in both ears
-I have a sinus infection
-My lungs hurt when I breathe in frequently
-I have developed some odd gastrointestinal problem (CONSTANT abdominal pain doctors haven't figured out yet, never mentioned mold to them)
-Just an overall miserable feeling constantly, which is depression I'm sure

I'm not the only one in my house these things have happened too. My mom as well developed the anxiety issue and dizziness, and everyone here always has headaches, and a handfull of my symptoms. I'm worried for my life and there's nothing I can do. I have to stay here. I'm miserable. Somebody please provide me with some suggestions. My parents won't do anything about this for financial reasons. This house is beyond doing anything like getting rid of the mold. My anxiety has now ruined my school life, and I've almost quit going all together. I've added pictures of the visible mold in the attachments of this.

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