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Lay off the caffeine, period. I never really had such bad anxiety before I started drinking coffee.. and it wasn't all the time. But sometimes after consuming coffee (at the time not realizing the two could have been related) I put myself in a situation where I thought I was dying. My heart would race like crazy and I couldn't control myself. I thought I was dying, but it would pass after a while.

Then recently I've been having constant panic attacks/being a hypochondriac and progressively got worse to the point I was feeling tingling in my hands and legs. The more anxious I got during this period the worse it got. So I start looking up symptoms of things and currently I'm convinced I have some kind of terminal illness, but my doctor seems to say otherwise. After reporting to my physician he says these are all symptoms of anxiety even though it can manifest itself in many forms. I noticed during my chat with the doc my symptoms started to subside almost 100%.

Anxiety can do a lot of things to people.. mimic diseases, etc. You should look on google. I've also seen afew documentaries of individuals who have constant pain all the time, having symptoms that actually mimic these...diseases but the doctor clears them with a perfect bill of health. The mind is a power tool. I say lay off the caffeine for sure, cut down on sugar intake and maybe see a therapist. Right now I'm having to take Klonopin for my anxiety attacks and Celexa.

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