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Severe anxiety
Mar 12, 2011
Anxiety (and depression) has ruined my life so far.....:( I have suffered since the age of 13 (40) now, and i really feel tired of the constant battle at times.

I think depression and anxiety go hand in hand. I am unable to work as the anxiety is so severe I struggle to mix with others and at times leave the house, i cant answer the door or the telephone and really struggle to mix with others. I am a kind genuine person that would do anything to help anyone, but I feel isolated, sad, guilty, abnormal, at times I feel it would be better if i wasnt here at all. The guilt and feelings of being a burden are terrible. I cant sleep, i have bad thoughts about things that go round and round in my head. Medication has never really helped me....maybe just kept me alive, as i was suicidal for many years and still am at times.

Its ruined my relationship, i;ve recently split up from an 11 year relationship, mainly due to my odd behaviour, panic, anxiety about doing anything, which is debilitating and draining, and people JUST DONT UNDERSTAND! Horses and animals are the only time i can get a break and sometimes even they cant help. I am just generally sad, low, flat, dont enjoy anything and cry a lot.

I;m on medication, and have tried literally loads. Shock treatment has been talked about but I just dont know anymore. :( I;ve not had children purely in case pregnancy, birth makes me worse, and also in case the child inherits the terrible unbearable dispair I have felt. Could go on for ever, why is life so so hard, xxx

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