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Hey missyou. Have you had any prior experience with SSRIs or any drug that acts on serotonin (particularly the 5-HT2A receptor)? Maybe drugs like methylone or MDMA?

In my experience, drugs that affect that serotonin receptor play a very significant role on my anxiety: Reducing it almost completely. I haven't tried Effexor myself (though I just issued a script for it last night. will keep you updated on my progress as well) but I have tried Zoloft/Prozac and they do help tremendously but the good effects kick in within at least 5-6 weeks.

I felt 10x more depressed and anxious for the first few weeks, then a mood blunting effect for a few more weeks, and then one day I woke up and took my dose, and my anxiety melted away. I was more talkative and sociable. etc.

Granted Zoloft/Prozac are SSRIs and not SNRIs. The "N" for norepinephrine in Effexor is what's causing insomnia and possibly the irritability. If they're serious problems you can try asking the doc for an SSRI but those cause the opposite effects which are worse: Lethargy and somnolence.

Anyway, stick to the Effexor (and more so to your doctor's advice.) Really just need to gather yourself and prepare for the medication sickness for the first few weeks. Get through at least 5-6 weeks before you think about quitting, unless the suicidal tendencies and anxiety become overbearing.

I haven't posted on this board in years. I just came back now because I realized how big of a problem anxiety is in my life. Life is NOT worth living with anxiety, especially when you've felt what it's like to have no anxiety. I personally become much more talkative, sociable, my emotional IQ rises significantly and I become witty and overall happy. Anxiety makes me irritated, anti-social and causes a plethora of physical effects like bad sleep, lethargy and headaches. Anxiety of course also causes brain damage if your brain is constantly being flooded with cortisol.

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