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Hiya everyone, i came across this website whilst doing some searches online for symptoms i've been experiencing on the course of being re-admitted to 20mg of citalopram. I've found that online i can see similar stories and share my own experiences with people knowing that i'm not alone,it reallydoes help! :D

A little backstory to start with, i've been in and out of depression and anxiety well over 5 years of my life, for someone my age at 24 it feels bizarre to be feeling ill so often when i used to be very active as a teenager. i've had those thoughts of fearing death, brain tumors and serious fatal conditons which are just trifle in my head almost every day, and just where i think i'm starting to get better i find all it takes is one panic attack or sickness and i'm back to square one. Doctors must love me the amount of times i book appoinments trying to tell them my worries! i've only had an ECG to rule out anything cardiac because of a scare i had something going on in my chest and due to family history with heart attacks i wanted to play it safe....but i may have to plan MRI's and cat scans in the future.

So here's my latest -

I've been back on citalopram 2 weeks and 3 days, and i have just felt so ill, worse so then when i took my first dose a long time ago!

i've had -

*Rapid or Dull Heartbeat
*Tempreture flushes
*Hot and Cold Sweats
*Legs,Hands,Feet and body going cold (my feet are the worst and get covered in clammy sweat)
*Fuzzy/Blurry and disturbed eyesight,seeing snowy vision
*De-realisation and not feeling myself
*daydreaming very often and going blank
*Nausea and foamy vomit upon waking up
*Severe insomnia
*Vertigo and Dizzyness
*stomach cramps and excessive wind
*Acidy burps and inidigestion
*weight loss and weight gain
*chest trouble/tightness,shortness of breath
*Fears of death
*daily worry
*Feeling anti social and avoiding situations
*sex drive or interest in sex dropped
*dont feel like eating

that list above is almost everything, and it frightens me, particuraly the blurry eyesight and foamy searches led to things like brain cancer and anursym, i've lost so much sleep and end up dropping off during the day, and when i wake up i feel wobbly,a cold freezing sensation goes all over me as though i'm about to pass out, i feel disorientated :dizzy: and throw up but nothing comes up other than this mucusy white foam even though i've eaten.

Worried,scared and doubting that i should of gone back on SSRI to begin with :(, i'm hoping i can find answers and share my stories with people on here!

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