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Your symptoms seem to be almost exactly like mine (I am only 19) and I was diagnosed with social anxiety and agoraphobia, which it sounds like you have both. I was prescribed Valium (5MG tablets) which originally he told me to take 2 a day, then when I returned 3 weeks later he said he could "tell" that it wasn't helping me so he increased my dosage to 3 tablets per day.

The valium has helped me a little bit, but I still have no motivation to leave the house, actually, I am sort of conflicted. On one hand, I want to overcome my problems and be able to go out without being anxious the entire time, but then I just want to crawl up in a ball and never leave my house. The only times I leave my house is when I go to classes (Sophomore in college) but I commute (I don't think I could ever be in a college atmosphere, something I wish I could do) and occasionally go to the movies with my friends.

I know how you feel when you say "I don't know what it is, but I just don't like to leave my house. I don't know if I'm scared, I don't know why." and that is exactly how I feel, and that is what makes it so frustrating. Also, when I see my therapist it seems like hes almost making fun of me which sometimes frustrates me. When I explain my symptoms I'll say something like "I know it sounds ridiculous" and then he'll come in and be like "It is ridiculous" and before our session was done we must have been talking about trying to go out or friends or something because he jokingly said "You have no friends" or something like that, which angered me because I am very popular I just can't seem to get out of the house, or when I do, I cannot enjoy myself because of the anxiety so I just don't even bother.

Edit: I missed where you said you have no confidence and can't sleep, and that is how I feel. The valium helped me get a good night of sleep (I used to take 1-2 hours to fall asleep, worrying about random things), and increased my confidence a TINY bit. Although its clearly not doing much because I was unable to do a stupid oral presentation in my English class even though I was fully prepared and would have gotten an A, so I skipped a week of that class and assumed he'd just give me a zero, but hes making me do it still so now im freaking out again.

I was the same way about seeing a therapist, and had no idea what I was going to say and whatnot, until I had a mental breakdown then I decided I had to see someone. It is great to be able to talk to someone (I have no one to really talk to, my father lives a thousand miles away and I'm not going to my moms boyfriend with my problems).

I also get depressed about aging, the best years of my life where I should be out partying with my friends are flying by, while I'm sitting inside my house feeling bad for myself and watching TV and playing video games all day. Although the one difference I see between you and I is I don't think anyone at my school realizes my problem because I feel very comfortable at my school because after all, if I have a panic attack or something I can just leave and go home since its so close. Don't even get my started about girls, I get extremely nervous around them and it is embarrassing (Although its not nervous to the point where they know im nervous)

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