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My story starts nearly 5 months ago on the 27th of October 2010. I had been going through chronic depression when it all happened. But I had never really been an anxious person.

Anyway one night I started to develop this sensation in my head was immaculate and I could feel something flowing through my body. It was like someone was grabbing my brain and squeezing it as hard as possible; it throbbed and it was the most bizarre, painful experience I had ever felt. But this feeling was so intense that it really started to make me flip out. I went to bed and told myself to settle down, and that it would end soon. I woke up feeling back to normal again, a little dazed but a lot better than the night before. I tossed the experience aside and toll myself it was all in my head.
At around the same time the next night, the same feeling hit me, only this time the intensity had multiplied. My heart started to beat extremely, and I mean EXTREMELY, fast. My brain felt like it wanted to pop out of its socket and all I wanted to do was get to get on the ground and start shaking. Now I really started to panic but with all my willpower I tried to calm myself. I remember looking in the mirror and seeing my eyes red, not reddish, but pretty much blood red as well as my pupils out of proportion; one tiny the other covering nearly my whole eyeball. Now believe me the pain I was experiencing was incredible, not a cut in your skin pain, a whole sensation in my body of it that throbbed inside my head to the point that my whole body was jolting. I could feel every blood vessel shoot all the way from my chest all the way up through my neck into my head and almost ‘burst’ into an image if that makes sense? I was convinced I would die that night.
A good friend who was staying at my house rushed me to hospital.
My heart rate maxed at 172 BPM when they hooked me up to the ECG and stayed around that for another couple of hours before it started to gradually decrease and stay on average around the 100 mark which is still of course quite high for another couple of days after that. I can’t seem to remember my blood pressure readings but of course I remember them being sky high. I told the hospital I had a couple of coffees and an energy drink that day and they think it was some hyper sensitive reaction to the caffeine.
My pain reduced but I was still getting waves of the same weird painful/throbbing sensation in my head that would come on and off for a few days after that. After I left hospital I was feeling better but still felt wacked out like I was on another planet; something did not feel right. I would continue to feel like this for another couple of months twice having to go to hospital again for feeling that funny and weird, much like from the first attack. My eyes would turn red and glassy, I’d have this weird throbbing sensation in my head and I would start to shake and go pale. These attacks happened on and off randomly; it would come in waves, yet I still felt out of whack 24/7.
I went to see a cardiologist and he could find no signs of arrhythmia or problems. I’ve had lots of blood tests and they couldn’t find anything.
These are the symptoms I’m experiencing right now 4 months down the track:
*Strange pressure/ Sensations in my head constantly
*Tingling/Burning sensations in hands and feet
*Chronic Fatigue/always tired
*”Brain Fog”/Hard to concentrate
*Hazed vision
*Acid Reflux
*Air bubble in upper chest
*Excessive burping

*Muscle Soreness/Stiffness
*Throbbing sensation throughout body/particularly in hands and feet and a strong thudding in my head constantly
*Heart Races/palpitations almost constantly
Now not to do the whole poor me thing but I’ve had a very traumatic childhood. My mother died when I was 8 and my father couldn’t succumb to the pressures of bringing up a teen and I pretty much raised myself. I have had extreme depression and was quite suicidal before this all happened. It just seems so strange that all these symptoms happened just like that like in the blink of an eye.

Now I’ve seen one of the best GPs in my state and he is convinced it is all anxiety caused. I’ve had all relevant tests under the sun which have all come back normal besides tachycardia. The question that sits in the back of my mind ALL the time is: am I suffering from a chronic illness, can anxiety REALLY cause this much physical symptoms and at this intensity? My life has been a living hell since this has happened but I’m not giving up. I am very determined to get back on track and live a normal life. The thing is before this happened I was a VERY calm person; depressive, but calm. Could this be the reason as to why this happened? Did my body cope for a certain amount of time and then just couldn’t deal with it anymore? This is what my doctor thinks, he apparently recalled a patient that one day woke up and just went blind, just like that, until they gave him a glass of water and his vision was mysteriously restored. He thinks this was the same kind of thing: to cope with it and then not be able to take anymore.
ANY help or comments about anything would be extremely welcomed. Please help.
[QUOTE=Lauriealix;4724168]Well thanks for your response. I no for aniexty panic disorder they always want to take it to where they say most of the time has something to do with your past. And in many cases that may be true. They tried that with me. I had a very good child hood and told them I was begginning to think who was more crazy me or the doctor. It just seems to be that with this illness they just dont no enough about it. So there fore as a doctor I guess they got to come up with some kind of answer. But I find that easy way for them is to always offer some kind of drugs to help. I agree to a point. But for me I think there is many more ways to help with this matter. I guess I can say this cause I am a living example.[/QUOTE]
I wake up every morning without a doubt with my extremities weird and tingly, a constant strange sensation in my head and an electrifying throbbing feeling through my body. It's a constant thing, it's there constantly. This makes working extremely hard, most people think I'm crazy. But anyway I'm going to a psychiatrist next week and hopefully he might have some answers.

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