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Nice to see you over here Sleepless!! I would stay clear of the Klonopin. I am sure the ambien has caused all your ills and it just takes time to get out of your system. As you are well aware, benzos are for short term treatments and are not good for you long term. If the occasional valium worked for you, I would stick to that. They are both long acting and stay in your system a long time. I found that Klonopin gave me horrendous hangovers, and since I do not drink, I abhor that feeling. If you are going to use the Klonnies occasionally, then it woudl be ok, but I would stay with the valium.

Ambien is so toxic. I take it a few times a year and that is it. I had a VERY scary incident with it in 2009. I woke up one morning after refilling my prescription of 30. I was very disoriented and discovered all my pills were gone. I have no idea what happened to them. I was terrifed. So now I only get 5 at a time with 6 refills so they are not lying around. I only use it occiasionally because if my insomnia gets extreme, it does work the best, but it will only work for one or two nights.

t is a toxic drug and you are doing so well with the ambien withdrawal. You just have to let it out of your system.. Benzo withdrawal is 10x worse than what you went through and that is why I take them sparingly. Every now and then over the course of the year. My doctor puts refills on my Ativan, but I use it so sparingly that by the time I am ready to get a refill, they have long expired!

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