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Here's a quick history of my anxiety.

First, I've suffered with anxiety since I was 14, I'm 25 now.

I've used Paxil, Prozac, Lexapro, Effexor, Zoloft and Xanax over the years.

I've been to different psychologists, it's helped, but whenever I discontinue the medication anxiety reappears and hurts a lot.

So earlier this week, I found a new psychiatrist, from my insurance's website, and decide to try him. As the phone rings, the doctor answers, kinda weird, yes, but I disregard it and book an appointment for two days later.

Upon walking into his living room size office today, I fill out all the paper work and walk into his office. I tell him how I'm feeling, what I've taken and await his wisdom.

Right away he's recommending Klonopin daily, and that's it. Doesn't ask me any questions, or dosage recommendations and actually says, "You can take the entire bottle and basically be alright because it's non-toxic." Then adds, "You can drink alcohol with Klonopin, it's not going to affect you all that much."

Then, he also prescribes me Xanax for those days when the anxiety "breaks through the klonopin," and to top it off, doesn't even suggest a follow up appointment till I mention, "do you want to see me again?"

Besides the zero empathy really shown towards me, it's incredible that this doctor actually said this. Imagine this was my first leap in the world of medication.

I've always read how Klonopin is an emergency drug, not something to be used daily and here's a doctor recommending I dabble with a powerful drug to find what works.

Yes, this actually happened.

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