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Im on the same mix right now - I take Wellbutrin SR 300 mg and 30 mg of Buspar. In my opinion the Buspar is a mild drug and is good to mix with Wellbutrin to avoid the side effect of anxiety. It can help keep away mild (very mild) anxieties of day to day life (generalized anxiety disorder) however it does not stop any of my social anxiety (this is my main problem). I have been given Klonopin and Xanax for these situations. I have read about Buspar on different sites and many say it does not help with moderate/severe anxiety. My advice is not to rely on it for anxiety.

I am going to keep with the Klonopin as needed. If my anxiety gets bad in the future I am going to try adding a low does of Cymbalta/Effexor but I am avoiding these because of the side effects.

I love Wellbutrin, I have been on it as a solo drug for 2 years and with the Buspar for 3 months. It took away my depression that I had about my anxiety and gave me the boost to seek treatment, I was also able to have my first long term relationship and get a promotion at work. So I cannot say it did not work for anxiety, it did for me. However I am stuck again, having to date again is scary but not as scary, I want to take another job at work, but the constant meetings I would have to attend is a deterrent. I also want to take some classes but cannot because of my social anxiety. So I am going back to CBT therapy and will take the Klonopin more often and hope it works! If not I m probably going to add another med.

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