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Hello everyone, newbie here.
I'll just start off with a quick history. I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression about 5 or 6 years ago (I'm 22 now) Was put on prozac but finally got off of it in July.
In December I woke up really scared because I felt like I wasn't getting enough oxygen. I wasn't really sure what it could be since I had never had anything like that happen. I went to the doctor later that day and he said it was most likely anxiety and that I may have to return to medication. I refused to take any medication. He gave me a prescription for Xanax just in case I changed my mind.
During the last few months the feeling kept coming and going. I never took the pills.
This entire week however, I've been feeling miserable! I feel like Ican't get enough oxygen even though my oxygen level has been checked. I've had numerous tests done: ekg, blood tests, cat scan of chest and lungs, cat scan of head, and Tuesday I'm having an ultrasound done on my heart. Been to about 6 different doctors and they all say it's anxiety. I'm convinced its not because this feeling lasts all day. And this past week I've felt lightheaded, pressure in my head, my nose, slight ringing in both ears or like they want to pop, and I just feel like I can't focus. My eyes seem to get a bit lazy as well. I feel like I have to move very slowly.
I was in the e.r again few hours ago and the doctor said I'm just hyperventilating and thats causing everything. I asked him about the breathing issue and he said it was anxiety. I hyperventilate because I can't breathe!! I have to constantly sigh! What could all this be? Are the doctors right or are they just blind sighted by my anxiety history? I feel like I'm going insane!
Thanks in advance!

Edited to add: my grandmother put some oil on my chest that has a really strong smell to it and it helped me breathe.
The doctor from the e.r also gave me a prescription for a motion sickness/vertigo medication (can't remember the name right now). Helped a bit but not enough

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