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I'l just jump straight in..

When i was fourteen-fifteen in my science lesson at school, which was at the top of a 6 story building, i had a hit of light headedness. It terrified me because i was scared of heights anyway and i jolted forwarded, hugging my desk. To describe the sensation more accurately, it felt like gravity had ceased to exist for a second and i had begun to float upwards.

That was 4-5 years ago. Right now i'm completely housebound because of those sensations. For the first few years i ignored it, but it gradually got worse, eventually causing me to drop out of school before i could even think of starting my exams. Then it started to effect my social life, i couldn't go to certain places like open fields etc because i would constantly get tiny attacks of this sensation.

I haven't spoken to my friends in years, i'm completely alone, never leaving the house. I had enough and forced myself to the hospital with the help and support of family, got diagnosed with asspergers and anxiety. Social anxiety to be specific. But i felt this sensation anywhere any time at this point, if i looked at the sky i'd drop to the ground and cling on etc.

I recently started sertraline 50mgs, now i do/did have some form of general anxiety, which the sertraline has completely cured. I used to have panic attacks daily about any and all sensations thinking it was cancer...blood clot...tumor, whatever. Those feelings of anxiety are completely cured by the pills, of which i'm on 150mgs now btw. My whole gravity anxiety thing still remans though. I can look at the sky from indoors, and it's possible for me to stand in the center of my tiny garden, but when i do i still feel on edge, unbalanced like im going to fall either backwards or upwards, and leaving the house for the shops or anything is still impossible.

Basically if i'm indoors, i'm not so bad, i don't get so anxious BUT i still feel shaky / on edge / unbalanced, but outside it's still just as bad..

Does this sound purely like anxiety or could it perhaps be a problem with my ears? ..i'm going to try to go to the doctors/ent to get them checked out, but this thing has ruined my life completely.. I met an incredible girl who i really want to spend my life with (and she feels the same) but my life is confined to my house with no explanation or cure in sight..
Sounds like you have Agoraphobia, fear of being outside. I definately suggest you see a therapist to talk about this and try to find out why. Your young and in love, so you should be out having a grand ole time.

Best of wishes...JJ...:wave:

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