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I'm not a doctor but have had anxiety and panic disorder since I was in Middle School. I'm now 29, mother of two and now a newly wed Army wife. I don't adapt well to change and we are getting ready to move 20 hours away from family so your prayers are appreciated.

I've tried to cope with panic attacks by trying medications that made me want to kill myself. I don't think so.

I'm now on "Clonazepam" 5mg take a needed. I take it at night because it makes you sleepy. Not one for wanting to take medications I find that these have also helped me.

~Seeing a psychiatrist that specializes in anxiety and panic disorder. You can learn techniques, distress and calm down. I know what you may be thinking, I am calm! Perhaps your body is telling you something?

~Yoga and meditation right in your home. Buy a dvd or watch it on exercise tv. It will teach you to breath, how to relax and distress.

~Prayer, meditation with God, worship and reading the Bible. Working on my relationship with God really helped me. I also enjoy watch Joyce Meyer. She tells you how it is and helps you to cope with life.

~Supplements- I've read taking the right supplements your body needs will help as well as a proper diet. My chiropractor also a neurologist did some tests on me using gluten. Gluten effects the brain and can cause your brain to slow down in reaction time and can be found it almost everything, breads, pasta's, chips, so look for gluten free-organic section. Also caffeine is also known to cause anxiety. I know when I have a cup of caffeine soda that I am going to pay for it later.

Prayers are always appreciated. I absolutely do not wish this anxiety or panic disorders on anyone. There are so many things that trigor mine. Here are a few of my symptoms that I have when I have them so maybe you can relate.
~swaying back and forth while sitting in front of the computer at work, uncontrollably
~jumping or jerking of my leg in the car, while sitting or anytime really
~noise, loud, people talking, laughing, while shopping, music, cars bass music
~feeling that I am out of control
~feeling like I am going to die
~not being able to drive on highways or some roads, depending on how I feel
~not being able to cross over some bridges because I freeze up
~high blood pressure caused by stress from anxiety

Here are a few additional ways I've learned to cope with some of them
~Prayer, Worship, Relationship with God is most important but only when I am truly close to God
~Breathing techniques
~Taking a breaks while at work or when home doing things around the house or hobbies to relax
~Trying different foods that are healthier
~Exercise to distress
~Using earplugs when I need them
~Taking the long way home to avoid stop lights where I could have attacks
~Relaxing my shoulders, stretching and finding a hobby I enjoy
~Talking to someone that cares about my feelings
~Crying when I need to distress- watch a movie that makes you cry like "Steel Magnolias," "Beaches," Evening Star," " The NoteBook," or "Titanic."
~Learn about your body, research but don't overwhelm yourself with research because what you find online or hear may not be right for you.
~Take a nap

Thanks for reading. I hope to receive some comments that may be able to help me. I hope some of my suggestions will help someone. May God Bless You! Wendy:angel:

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