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I'm 46 and going through Menopause now and dealing with anxiety. Mine has been kept to a minumun until today. It was way out of control. I had a full fledged panic attack while I was visiting a friend in the hospital. Hospitals make me really nervous anyway. I felt like my chest was getting so tight. I was trying to get air in and my heart was pumping so hard. Then I became more scared so the cortisol was really running through my body. I have allergies and acid reflux that are a little out of control right now so I don't know if that set it off.

I tell ya, it really can be scary. I thought to myself...well at least I am already in the hospital so if I pass out someone will save me. I haven't been on antidepressents since 11 yrs ago. I tried Lexapro a couple years back for a couple of days and wow did it give me more anxiety and weird feelings so I threw them away. I am thinking I would like some xanax for emergencies.

Do these symptoms sound familiar to any of you? How do you cope without medications if you do? Thanks for replies!

By the way..if you take Lexapro it takes 30 days to kick in. It worked well for me 11 yrs ago but I had some rough days and nights until it settled me down. I don't think I can do it again.

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