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Iv'e had a bad chest with shortness of breath for past 6 weeks, having and have had lots of tests bloods x rays. All seems to point to ither an allergy or i have started to get asthma:(

The coughing has eased up but im cripped with these shortness of breath episodes again. Like i have had for years and years, very similiar. I just dont know if maybe all the complaining ive done fo rpast 10 years was anxiety or asthma, i have always maintained it isnt imaginary (as in anxiety) and not physically. I will know when the results come back next week.

Today for instance. I went to a new place to work, i was alittle apprehensive, but i know the job it was just meeting some new collegues. I took a valium which calmed me , and had not eaten any breakfast ( i rarely eat breakfast). half way through my shift this horrible feelings comes over me , one which i always suffer but find it almost impossible to describe. My chest feels fluttery, tight and i feel like i might faint, i become increasingly short of breath and have to take in large lung fulls of air at almost every breath, i yawn and sigh a lot just to get the air in. I then get light headed and tired. Then it passes , well almost passes. Then it can just appear again for NO reason, bam it hits me again. PLEASE WHAT IS THIS. I cant go on much longer suffering this, i just dont know what to do, i almost took a second valium today just to make it all go away. Cn anyone identify with tis and maybe give me some advise as to what to do. I'm at the end of my rope. Ive seen counselors, tried breathing excercises everything. NOTHING WORKS. I feel like dying to relieve me of this feeling. :( Please someone help me.

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