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New Father Anxiety
May 25, 2011
Hello all here is my story. I am a 26 yr old father of a beautiful baby boy who was born on 5/2/2011. through out the entire pregnancy i was super excited especially since it was going to be a boy. i will admit that in the begining when my wife first told me she was pregnant i was not excited but it grew on me and i was so happy.

Any how once we got home from the hospital i became extremely anxious and was badically overcome by it. I know my wife can handle the baby and has been doing a great job but at times I feel that i dont help enough or that my wife will become exhausted even though she is not working right now and will only be working part time when she goes back.

I became unable to eat, had constant diareaha, weak, panicy, unable to get an errection, and broke down in tears several times even in front of my wife.

My doc perscribed me 15 mg buspar 2 to 3 times daily and atarax which did not seem to work well so he then gave me valium 5mg for when i felt overwhelmed. I have since began to feel better after 3 weeks of the buspar but last night i did not take my dose before going to bed and awoke with anxiety and could not get back to bed. I took my buspar but was still anxious 2 hours later and then i took 2 atarax at 645am which seemed to do the trick.

I have been staying active which helps and have even started running and excersizing again which also helps. Do you guys have any other suggestions? I have started looking into my employee assistance program for counciling but have not officially made an appointment yet.

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