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Extreme GAD
May 25, 2011
New to this website and just need some help with my GAD. After losing my job i started suffering extreme anxiety 24/7 i started on xanax 2 weeks ago. Initially taking up to 1mg a day in 4 doses of .25mg. which helped but left me in a zombie like state. Recently i found out that my Girlfriend is pregnant and i need to start working within the month to help further financially

I became worried that i might become addicted to the xanax so i asked a G.P who specialises in GAD for alternative measures. He has prescribed me Lexapro 5mg for the first week and 10 mg after that. He has advised me to keep taking the xanax sparinglingly untill the lexapro takes effect. I have taken it for 5 days suffering a number of side effects from increased anxiety to hypersensitivty. I am slowly reducing my xanax and now take .125mg at 11 am and .125mg at 4pm and then 2.5 to help me sleep. so i have effectively halved my dosage. However i still feel anxious and i feel like if i dont take the xanax before i go out i will suffer another attack and be rendered useless in day to day tasks, shopping, new job etc. I know it is this fear that is cripling me but the physical symptoms wont let that fear subside.

My girlfriend is suffering extreme morning sickness and when ever i try to communicate how i feel she says to just snap out of it. If she can work with morning sickness i should be able to with anxiety.

I have started seeing a psychologist with helps somewhat but i still have a crippling fear of suffering an attack in public. I know exercise seeing friends etc is part of my recovery but the physical side of my anxiety is stopping me doing these things.

My question is....will there be a time where i will stop needing the xanax to function...when the lexapro starts working?

am i going to find it hard to withdrawl from the xanax. ( i dont abuse it just feel like i need it)

I just need help guys because i need to start working in the next month or so to financially support my child.

Please Help.

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