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Hello. :)

Yes, I am new to this site. However, I came here looking for some advice. I'm not sure if it's more of a general health question or a pyschcology-based inquiry, but here we go!

Before I begin, I assume some background information on the reason as to why anxiety or bipolar disorders may be in play. My father has been diasgnosed as bipolar and a psychopath (no, we have not been in contact for years) and my older sister has been diagnosed with obsessive compulsive disorder, general anxiety, and a general panic disorer.

So, I guess my inquiry is: Is it normal to always fear that someone is going to be upset with you unintentionally (on both parties) or that you have an extreme fear of failing in life although you know it is silly to think so? Also, I have a boyfriend that I have been dating for two years and this is getting in the way of our relationship. I have an extreme obsession of knowing where he is, who he's with, and what he's doing. And I know it may be controlling, but it's not that. I don't tell him he can't talk to certain people or go places, I just can't calm myself unless I know. He's never gave me a reason to distrust him, and I would trust him with my life. I don't even ask to see his phone or anything because I know there's no need for that. I just wish I knew why I have this extreme need. I also have a complete and mental breakdown about every 2-3 months. Stress, anxiety, or something else?

Brutal honesty is preferred. Please help!


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