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miam745 is so right in her description of what anxiety feels like. We are right there with you WOtoLow. Congrats. on the newborn that is about to be. Altho a joyous event, these positive things in your life can add to the stress fire that is already raging out of control. Like miam745 said, an anxiety disorder is a lot different that just garden variety stress and nervousness from time to time. I have the heavy headness, the chest pains, the heart palps, and the annoying feeling that something is going to happen to you. I describe it as an inability to ever fully relax. You feel tension inside yet you are not consciously clenching your muscles. That is why it is so hard for others to understand this condition unless they experience it themselves firsthand. You have youth on your side WOtoLow. That is a good thing. A lot more is known about these disorders now than when I was diagnosed over 20 years ago. Both you and miam745 are doing the right thing by using the medication sparingly while at the same time trying to work at controlling your anxiety without medication. The mistake many anxiety sufferers make in my opinion is that the medications work good in the beginning and they just come to rely solely on the medication.

When you do this, two things usually will happen over time. You will become severely dependent on the medication. I got to where I could never travel any distance away from home without my xanax or klonopin. The second thing that happens to a lot of ppl is that they start becoming tolerant to the medication. They often discover to their horror that the medication isn't working like it use to and anxiety and panic are slowly starting to creep back into your life. Actually, they never left. They were just being blanketed by the medication when it was still working good. Most ppl then start on a viscous cycle of increasing the medication dosage. You eventually will reach a point that no amount will work and that is when a lotta people panic and realize they are in trouble. This is what happened to me personally. By really working hard on controlling your anxiety using talk therapy techniques and self relaxation tools like meditation, you are using your body's innate ability to calm. Unlike long-term medication, this has no withdrawal effects or tolerance associated with it. Take the meds when you need them but try to never become solely reliant on them. I did this and it was one of the biggest mistakes I ever made. Withdrawing from benzos after many years of chronic use is one of the hardest, most painful experiences you will ever endure in my humble opinion.

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