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I completely understand WOtoLow. Anxiety, when it is severe, can make your life almost unbearable. I do think you have the best combination of doctors. I would steer clear of psychiatrists. They tend to over prescribe you all kinds of drugs and you end up a lot sicker from the ploydrugging. I have the same doctors as you. I have a good PCP and a good licensed clinical psychologist who specializes in anxiety disorders. The psychologist can make recommendations to your PCP and he can prescribe for you. That is how I have things set up now. This is so much better than when I was seeing the shrink and he had me on 6 different meds and I was a complete mess. This guy even had me on anti-psychotic meds which were making me really ill. I will probably never go back to another shrink. I do understand your need to take the xanax. What might work a little better for you is something like valium. It has a really long half life and does not wear off like the xanax and makes you feel like you can't wait to take the next dose b/c the last dose has worn off. Xanax, ativan, and even klonopin will do this to you after awhile. Discuss the valium with your psychologist and see what he thinks. It is a lot better benzo to take prn and it is dirt cheap and could buy you some more time while you continue to work on controlling your anxiety without meds. I took meds for 20 years and now regret it. Also, consider learning meditation. Don't be concerned if your mind wanders or you feel it is not working. Just learn it and do it daily whether you feel it is working or not. With practice, you will actually find that you can use your own mind to relax you and quell the anxiety much like the benzos do. Most ppl give up because they don''t see immediate results or they think I just can't control the random thoughts from flowing thru my mind. It will help if you do this regularly without fail. I do three 20 min sessions daily.

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