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Hi everyone. Just wanted some advice on battling my Anxiety issues.

Recently after a prolonged battle with anxiety i decided to go onto lexapro for the first time, first time on any ssri or antidepressant. I am 26 years old and recently found out i am about to be a father which has made my anxiety worst.

My doctor has prescribed me lexapro and xanax. Lexapro for the long term and xanax for the sort term.

I have been on 5 mg of lexapro for the first 7 days and 10 mg for 12 days now. Initially i found some releif and could see the light at the end of the tunnel. However the last few days i have been increasingly more anxious. Not to the point where i have anxiety attacks but physically anxious and obsessive thoughts all day. All i want to do is zonk out and watch television.

After a prolonged un employment i have recently been offered my dream job, but i am anxious i wont be able to do it, even though it is well within my capabilities.

I have my second appointment with a therapist this week and am doing everything i can to get better but it seems to not be working. I still need 1/2 of a 2.5mg xanax at 6pm to relax and a .25 mg xanax to sleep. I also seem to be getting more depressed

Should i continue on my dossage of lexapro and give it more time to work or should i talk to my doctor about another med or increasing my dosage.

Please any help would be much appreciated.
Blue skies...The Md prescribed be the xanax and the Lexapro..he has experience in anxiety and my psychologist specialises in anxiety....I was definately seeing improvement up untill 2 days ago. the last 2 days have been back to ground zero. I have anxiety 24/7 from the moment i wake untill i take a xanax....I have been holding on as long as i possibly can untill i take the first 0.125mg of xanax. Im not sure if i should increase my lexapro dosage or what? I am totally against taking xanax everyday but the last 6 weeks i have definately needed too. The strange thing is i no longer have symptoms such as short of breath and tight throat just constant pains and uncomfortableness and obsesive thoughts. I just want to get better. I dont feel as depressed but this constant anxiety day in day out it taking a real toll on my body.

I just want the lexapro to start working so i can feel some normality...even if i feel 50% better i would be greatfull.

thanks for all your advice keep it coming because im going through this alone.

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