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Hi everyone,

I am posting here to ask for your opinions about if I should see a psychiatrist.

I carry on fine most of the time but I always tend to think about the worst case scenario, play it out in my head, and lead myself to believe that the result will happen. This whole scenario in my head then causes me to panic, be really nauseous, and my heart starts racing. I get these symptoms from really small problems to big.

Like the other day, I was staying up pretty late just surfing the web when I heard some noises from downstairs. It was probably just the floorboard/wood in the walls making the noise since my house is 20+ years old but that somehow led me to thinking that somebody broke into the house and was downstairs. I was SO thirsty but I couldn't bring myself to go down because of my fear. I couldn't sleep that night because I had imagined the burglars coming up to my room once I was asleep. I didn't fall asleep until 7 in the morning, when my mother woke up.

I had a similar feeling 2 days ago. Except this time, I had to go downstairs. So I even had to take my cell phone with me, have 911 already pressed, so that if anything were to happen, I could just press the dial button once right away. I even went down with a miniature swiss army knife key chain.

It's like, I know how absurd I am being but I can't shake the thoughts out of my head and I constantly feel like I NEED to worry.

I'm wondering if I should see a psychiatrist because I think I'm fine in other times and my physical responses during these panics are not huge... I've never seen a psychiatrist before so I'm wondering if there was even a need for it.

Thanks for your help!

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