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Lexapro concern
Jun 23, 2011
Hi everyone....I'm new to these boards. I have anxiety and am 47. I know anxiety sometimes goes with this "age" I'm my doc put me on Lexapro 5 mg. I've been on it 3 weeks now. My nervousness has decreased alot and my anxiety generally seems better. My question is - has anyone taken Lexapro (even low dose like I'm on) and suffered little bursts of anxiety during the day? In other words, I will be doing my normal routine at work and all of a sudden that weird feeling will come over me - starts in my head and works down my body and I get tingly, hands get cold, nervousness starts. Then in about 5 minutes it will subside and I can get back to normal even though my head feels a little funny afterwards. These feel like "mini" anxiety attacks. I'm wondering if I need to up my Lexapro or if it is indeed the medicine that is causing this to happen. What are you opinions on the medication if you've ever taken it? Thanks!
Re: Lexapro concern
Jun 28, 2011
Hi i am on 10 mg of lexapro. I was suffering the most debilitating anxiety imaginable.Constant attacks at work, constant uncomfrotableness, body shakes, depersonalisation and depression. I was taking 1.5 mg of xanax a day Then one day after 4 weeks on 10 mg 3 weeks on 5 mg i woke up and said im sick of feeling like this im sick of being in this cycle of anxiety about anxiety and that single thought, just accepting my anxiety instead of always searching and assesing how i was feeling gave my mind a chance for the Lexapro to truly work and the next day i woke up and it was gone. The lexapro just kicked in overnight. the next day i didnt need the xanax after 3 months on it constantly and i have an addictive personality.

I am so greatfull for this medication. From what my psych tells me 10 mg is a low dose so i would suggest taking the whole tablet. I had a really hard time starting on 5mg but had little trouble moving to 10mg.

Basically you need to approach anxiety with a holistic approach for lexapro to truly work for you. See a psychologist, watch and maintain a good diet, educate yourself. Anxiety works in cycles when you realise that is the anxiety that is making you search for the feeling your describing instead of a physical symptom caused by a physical problem your half way there.

Best of luck there is definately light at the end of the tunnel

One last thing. Dont stress about negative comments on forums about this medication. It will not help. Beleive it will help and the odds are it will. When therapy and other measure have adressesd the issues causing your anxiet you can move off it if you want.

Best of Luck

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