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I'm a teenager, and I'm constantly sick. I can't eat without getting severely nauseas. My head always throbs, and my neck hurts all the time. I shake all the time. It's always my hands, knees, and stomach, but often I can feel my entire body shaking. I'm dizzy and light heAded alot. I have horrible insomnia, resulting in about 3-4 hours max per night. My throat hurts all the time too. My stomach turns and flips randomly and always hurts. My heart pounds out of my chest, and I can't breathe alot. Lately, I've passed out 2-3 times, and almost passed out about 20. My vision will go blurry, and there's a weird ringing in my ears. My stomach will start to hurt, and I can think straight. It feels like my head is put in fog and blur. I'll get a horrible headache and cramps in my stomach. I get really confused and scared and everything goes black. I've fallen twice that I know of, but I never remember. One time I was alone, and I could feel my body shaky and I sacked my head off of something, but I didn't loose consciousness. At random points in the day, I'll black out. I also always have a fever of about 100. I have for over 4 months. People say it looked like I was staring, but it will feel like I just blinked. My friend freaked out on day at lunch cause she said I completely tuned everyone out for over 4 min, and my eyes were rolling. I can't remember any of that. I worry about alot of things,(flying alone out to see my dad and his new wife who don't like me, moms wedding Im not excited about, always babysitting, being the oldest, and having to assist in raising younger siblings, trying to help my mom through achohol abuse for years, etc) I can never let things go, and it makes me physically and mentally Ill. My dr says I'm depressed and that I have an anxiety disorder, but he doesn't answer my questions if that is causing all of these problems. My blood work came back normal, and is this really possible to all be caused by stress? Does anyone else have similar stuff to deal with? Are these caused by panic attacks? Ugh!:confused:

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