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Hi guys im posting this here for all those sufferers who are giving up hope or have already lossed hope that there is light at the end of the tunnell.

I have suffered anxiety for years..same old story went to the E.R many times tried to push through it self medicating drinking too much smoking too much but the beast was always there...always.

6 months ago for no particular reason i spiralled into the worst anxiety you could ever imagine....Attacks seemed to last 24/7 severe attacks to the point where for hours on end i would lie on the floor alone with body shakes uncontrollably. Doctors dosed me heavily on 2 mgs of xanax a day and 50 mg of muerlax just so i could walk to the toilet. It was un imaginable i went from a sucessfull individual with a carreer, girlfriend, friends great life to a shaking mess just wanting to end it all so i could ease the pain.I would finally pass out sleep 4 hours and when i woke i would immeadiately search for how i was feeling and it would be just the same.

I was placed on lexapro and took it for 6 weeks and when nothing happened i truly thought my life was a loss cause, i had no hope, my body was exausted from constant anxiety and i couldnt go one more day

Then my psychologist told me one thing. My anxiety is causing my anxiety..accept it realise that your physical symptoms are caused by your anxiety and when you wake up just think yep i don't feel good i know why i have anxiety and not constantly search for the feelings. The next day i just accepted i felt bad whenever my throat started to close over or other symptoms i just thought theres my anxiety again. The next day the Lexapro kicked in...from 0%not working to 90% working. 3 weeks later i dont take xanax i feel great i have my zest for life back,

when i start to feel an anxiety symptom i laugh at myself and think theres that anxiety again dont try and fight it do something to focus my mind and it subsides..

I Love Lexapro it saved my life.

with a program of medication diet, exercise and therapy there is hope

dont give up

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