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New Doctor Anxiety
Jun 29, 2011
[B][/B]I am having a lot of anxiety today. My doctor of 10 years closed his office, so I had to find a new doctor. He wasn't very friendly but seems capable. I am upset because he wants me to discontinue taking my Ativan, because I also am prescribed painkillers. I haven't had a chance to discuss this med change with my psychiatrist yet. I don't know whether this anxiety is being caused by my disorder - I don't react well to change & this is a new doctor with new ways - or if this is a gut feeling that I've chosen the wrong doctor. I can't just go get a second opinion because in this town, they consider that to be "doctor shopping" and I don't want the label & I don't want to get blacklisted for doctor shopping. I just started anxiety therapy at my clinic, so I guess I will have to try very hard to learn the coping skills of living with anxiety. I'm trying to tell myself that there are lots of other people that have anxiety & live through it...which is why I came to the boards today, to reach out & ask for support. How can I tell the difference between my disorder or a gut feeling??

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