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Benzos are incredibly effective for anxiety but there is a caveat. They are addictive and often after long-term use, you start to experience what is called tolerance. Tolerance is where you take your same dose but the drug does not produce the same effect that it was doing at this same does. In other words, this dose is no longer working to control your anxiety. Most ppl are then advised to up-dose. Once this starts, you can get trapped in a viscous cycle of constant anxiety much worse than baseline and constantly trying to raise your meds to keep up with your anxiety. The irony is that the meds themselves eventually become a source of anxiety. I took xanax, klonopin, and valium for over 20 years. I have gone thru 3 nasty withdrawals that were horrible. I can tell you from personal experience that the benzos are the hardest meds to withdraw from in all of medicine. This is just my personal opinion, it much easier to withdraw from heroin. If you can find a SSRI to work for your anxiety, they are a much better long-term option than benzos in my opinion.

All the SSRI's make my anxiety worse and kill whatever sex drive I have>>>>a double whammy, but some people report that they work well for their anxiety. If you go with benzos, try not to take them long-term. Short-term, they are excellent meds for anxiety. Gentle aerobic exercise and meditation also help a great deal. The meds can be a bridge until you learn these natural things to control and manage your anxiety without have to rely/become dependent on meds. Long-term meds are always a double edge sword.
Dizzygal - I was prescribed Klonopin to use as needed until the Lexapro kicked in. I only had to use 2 pills at the beginning and haven't used any since. The Lexapro is working great for me. Ativan is on the same line as xanax. Ativan is very good, doesn't work as long as Klonopin does though. I've used Ativan in the past. My doc doesn't prescribe that class of drugs very much because they are addictive. However, I find they work very well. For me though, I needed something more than that. I was very scared and apprehensive at first, but once the side effects wore off, I have been happy with lexapro. Hope you finally find something that works for you. Don't be afraid to try a new med, it may just help you and you'll be glad you did.

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