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A few weeks ago, I had a bacterial infection. I'm guessing it was from something I ate because I felt sick right after eating something. I let it go for about a week hoping it would go away or get better. It didn't so I went to an urgent care facility. They checked my blood work and saw that I had a mild bacterial infection. SO, I was given antibiotics. Took that's over with. I then got a yeast infection after taking the antibiotics. Tried Monistat...then went to the GYN. Got diflucan. Still waiting for pap smear result (which I am freaking out about!!!!!!!!!!!!!) I'm kind of an hypochondriac, so I went to another doctor and have them check my blood again...and everything was far as my urine, they still saw leftover yeast and clue cells for bacterial vaginosis...tomorrow will be my last day taking antibiotics for them. But lately I've been having these random pinching sensations all over my stomach...also, I've been having stomach, back, and anal pressure (always feeling the urge to poop when I don't have to). Also, I've been having a constant headache (which people think are hormonal from stopping bcp).I feel like I'm PMS-ing without a period! (I stopped birth control after being on them off and on: once for 4 months and again for 1-2 months). EVERYONE is telling me it's just hypochondria kicking in, birth control side effects,and of course the dreadful anxiety, but I can't seem to get that through my head. I feel so paranoid about everything and I'm constantly googling and talking EVERY LITTLE THING that goes on with me. I can't take my mind off the negative. Help please....needing any inputs! SORRY FOR THE LONG POST...

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