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Hello everyone.

I just signed up for this site, I don't usually do this stuff but I feel that it may help me. I find that there is alot of good support on these boards :)

So to my story (brief summary) ...

It all began in 2008 during my university years (now graduated) where I started to randomly feel light headed when I laughed or spoke fast and felt really woozy at the gym when I was working out - I cannot recall if I had any issue back then that was making me anxious to feel these symptoms. It then escalated to sever pressure in the base of the nose, temples, and this electric/vibrating feeling that shoots through my head, had a few panic attacks - I was really really scared.

I was put on some antibiotics and had a CAT Scan on the sinuses area. Cat Scans were clear, there was nothing showing in the sinuses. Anti-biotics didn't help. Fortunately, the sever pressures in my face and vibrating/electric feelings in my head were gone eventually a few months later after they occurred in 2008. But not all my symptoms....

I then started to feel very light headed and dizzy ALL THE TIME. By light headed I mean I feel like I am in a dream or I am just floating - a surreal feeling, very annoying. By dizzy I mean that I feel like I was spun around (all though I do not see rooms and spaces moving around). It is the most depressing feeling to have to live like this for 3 and a half years...never happy, always fearing, cant enjoy my life to the fullest, not caring about anything, and thinking about my symptoms 24.7 and just wanting to go back to my normal state. My dizziness/lightheadedness appears to be cyclical there are days were its very bad and days were its a bit better (but still there). Also, I have nose pressures (at the base of it) accompanied by a tingling feeling in here that I cannot really explain that comes and goes.

I have been to countless of doctors and specialists and did countless of tests and everything came back as normal. I have had CAT scans, MRI, Eco 2d doper, ENG tests, various of other ear/balance tests, countless of blood tests. Everything normal. A few doctors alluded to anxiety/stress as the reason but I could not let me self believe it. I have a sick obsession of thinking and fearing that it is something pathological and that something is being overlooked. The symptoms I have are very physical and I do not feel that I have anxiety (unless its subconscious?) As a mater of fact, the only stress/anxiety I have now is wanting to feel better and get rid of my symptoms that have plagued my life for 3 and a half years. I was really convinced it was an inner ear problem but 4 different ENT's said it was most likely not.

I was eventually put on sertraline anti-depressant for a course of about 3-4 month in 2009, and I do not feel it made a noticeable effect on me, or otherwise I wouldn't be here writing this 2 years later. Did I not give it a chance (on it for 4 months)? Was I so convinced that it isn't anxiety/stress that I over-rode the effect of the medicine? I am not a fan of meds esp these types of med and that probably makes me have more anxiety - fear of being addicted and fear of having bad side effects. :(

To this day I am always dizzy and lightheaded (some days marginally better then others) and it has taken a great toll on me - it has consumed my mind and energy. Also, sometimes I feel this fullness/liquid feeling in my ear which kinda pops when I swallow but, still remains. My symptoms have effected my social life, work-life , and my every-day life. Sometimes I don't find a point in living with this and hope I don't wake up the next day.

I think to my self, If it was anxiety, why didn't the anti-dep meds I went on for 4 month help much? Why havn't I beaten anxiety when I did try to psyche my self out of it? Why is it every time I move my head position I feel a bit more dizzier (although ENTs say my symptoms are not to do with my ear)? Why is there a weird pressure and tingling feeling at the base of my nose sometimes? Why do I have this fullness/liquid feeling in my ears? I really do not feel that I breathe incorrectly for me to feel dizzy due to anxiety....

What is every ones opinion? Do you guys share similar symptoms and troubles? Do you think these are symptoms of anxiety? I just want to live my normal 'balanced' life again and enjoy it to the fullest :(

Thanks in advance everyone!

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