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Hi :wave:

First of all I want you to know that you are NOT dying. I'm positive. You have anxiety and with all that has happened in your life recently, it's not uncommon or not to be expected for those of us who are so tuned into every little bodily symptom. I'm 27 and have been a nervous worrier all of my life, but had my first panic attack around the age of 14. Then I had a brief period where I didn't have hardly any anxiety and then around 16 it came back with a vengeance. I can't tell you how many times I have sworn that I was pregnant because my period was late and I had many of the same symptoms as you and it turned out to be nothing more than stress and anxiety getting the best of me.

As far as your doctor is concerned, yes, I would absolutely go back to him/her or at least call and say how much your anxiety and fears have worsened and that you would really appreciate that they get you in for some type of therapy ASAP. Also ask for a benzo like Xanax or Klonapin to help take the edge off so to speak and give your body and mind a little bit of a break. Xanax used to work wonderfully for me and then it just quit so that left me freaking out even more because I was sure if an anti anxiety med wasn't working that there must REALLY be something wrong with me. Not sure that I still don't think there is something wrong to be perfectly honest, but I'm going to give Klonapin a go this time and pray that it works. Talk to your parents in the mean time if you feel that you can and explain to them that logically you know you're ok, but that the illogical part of your brain is taking over right now and that you could really use their support and comforting right now until you're feeling better and more able to cope.

Don't give up and don't spend your whole life worrying about what could be wrong with you. I've done that and still do and here I am 11 years older than you and I'm still always "what ifing" everything to the point that I drive myself crazy most of the time. When someone close to us passes or has an disease or illness it can be very very easy to fall into the trap of assuming that you have it also or that the same thing will happen to you, but the odds of that being true are so so slim that you can't dwell on it.

Take care and hang in there... you can do it, just be gentile with yourself right now.
Its funny, ovarian cancer is always one of my biggest fears as well. But you must remember that ovarian cancer symptoms mimick a hundred other illnesses too, including anxiety.
Im guessing the doctors are concerned because of how young you are. Is it at all possible to see a different doctor? And yes, if they wont put you on something than definitly ask. CBT i have been told is an awesome form of therapy and you need to call and find out when they can see you. The medical field is a funny thing, sometimes you have to hound them to get something done.
Try so very hard to calm yourself down if at all possible. If you cant get medicine there are alternatives to meds in the homeopathic fields. There is valerian root which is a natural alternative to valium. works very well. Just make sure you dont take if on any medication. SAM E is another natures anxiety medication. Slightly expensive however.
then theres kava kava root which is a natural alternative for anxiety.
all can be bought in the grocery store, health food stores or even walmart. Give it a try.
And remember, you are NOT dying of ovarian cancer. This I promise you. Try to trust me, I'm alot older than you and have been through everything your going through right now. :)
If you really think about your concerns about the mind causing such real symptoms.....what most people dont realize and hopefuuly will someday, is the mind and body are linked together. We arent raised realizing this. Thats why people always look at the mentally ill so strangely. They think (mental illness) is scary and wierd. It is all the same, if you have colitis or anxiety. The brain functions too and when something isnt right, it malfunctions. No different than the body itself. We are no different than anyone else. We just have most of our (issues) in the brain region. The brain is a computer, it controls all our physical sensations. Makes sense doesnt it? :)
You guys just know you arent alone. Ive been suffereing all my life, since I was a child. Im not so sure this is something that "goes away" but it can be controlled. And you can live a decent life. To all the anxiety sufferers out there...."mind body connetion" thats why anxiety develops very real physical symptoms...peace to all
Wow, I, also am a teenager and just recently my mother passed away. She was healthy and the doctors couldn't explain why and now I am afraid that whatever killed her will kill me. My family has said the same thing yours had, they told me there would be other symptoms that what I've been having and if they thought anything was wrong I'd be at the doctor's ASAP.

I have fears about anything that doesn't seem normal in my body and seem to be having this strange feeling in my right side. No other symptoms. No pain. Just abhorrent fear that I have a life-threatening disease or I will need surgery. I haven't seen a doctor or a therapist but am going to see both Monday.

When you went to your doctor, did he/she run any kind of tests or just simply ask questions to diagnose you?

I have a fear of going and having to have blood drawn or something to that effect even though I have always been a very healthy person. No broken bones, surgeries, or serious ailments other than your common cold.

I don't believe my friends or family when they tell me it's ok, even though part of me kind of knows that. They're not experiencing what I'm going through so they couldn't possibly know, right? They've been around far longer than I and I'm sure they know of which they speak. An EMT and a nurse both told me that unless I have other symptoms it's nothing, at least nothing serious. But I'm always questioning and it seems the more I try to relax and not think about it, the more I do.
Hey Jamie95. Its really good to hear from a teenager thats going through the same thing as me!

I am sooooo sorry to hear about your mother passing away, it must be a really really upsetting and difficult time for you. I can't even imagine what your feeling. I think its at times like these, when we loose people that we love to diseases like cancer, it makes people like us, of a more vulnerable nature to anxiety, worse and makes us believe that because they had it so must we. I remember a few years back my mother telling me that younger people my age never really get cancer, and then what went and happened?! My boyfriend was diagnosed with it, although he is in remission now! It hit me very very hard, and to this day i still think, well he's my age and he got it so why should i be any different.

I keep getting as i've said, pains in my lower abdomen, my period is late, my bowels movements can be unpredictable sometimes, and i get bloated. I am throughly convinced i have ovarian cancer and i haven't got long left and its killing me thinking this. I feel very emotionally weak and i find it impossible to believe my parents when they tell me i'm ok and its just the stress taking its toll on my body.

When i went to be diagnosed if i was a hypochondriac, did they run any tests, no. (if thats what you mean) They just asked me what i worry about, when it started, how i feel at times, my moods, sleep patterns that sort of thing. I'm not really sure there are any tests your GP can do for hypochondria, but its pretty easy to self diagnose. Look it up on wikipedia, i did and it was like reading an article on me!

And I can sympathize with you when you say how can your family know what you feel. I know this exact feeling and i am feeling it right now. I can't trust them i am ok, i am just convinced i have ovarian cancer and that they are just missing the signs. I suppose you've just got to really try and trust them, but i know how hard that is!! My mum's told me to think this, is that pain getting any worse? If the answer is no, move on and stop worrying. Chances of it being Cancer and the pain not getting worse are very very slim. I suppose she's right....but i know what my mind is happy in believing.

Have you been to see a doctor over your anxiety at all? If not, it might be worth a thought because they will probably refer you for CBT, like they did with me and i've heard its supposed to be very helpful!

If you need to talk anytime i'm here!
I wish you all the best


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