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Hold on!! You should feel some benefit within another week or so. Full effects of the SSRI will be felt in 6-8 weeks.
For me, my anxiety was felt as a 'rush' through my body. Similar to when you go down a big hill on a roller coaster. As soon as I felt this rush, my mind would kick in saying "here comes another anxiety attack". This thought pattern got me even more anxious as I waited to see if anything worse was coming!!!
After about 2 weeks, I noticed the Paxil was dulling the rush. It is hard to explain. But I could feel the rush, it was just much less intense. Thus my brain did not react to it the same and it kept my anxiety lower. Over time, these 'rushes' became less and less frequent (started out daily and slowly reduced to maybe a couple of times per year). When they do happen, I get a little anxious for the day, but then I feel fine after. Still on the Paxil 11 years in!!!!

Just to be clear, I had very bad anxiety. I could not drive on my own for 6 months. I could barely leave my house except for going to work. I had weird death thoughts, not about suicide but just dying that kind of freaked me out. Crying in front of my wife and kids because I knew I wasn't feeling right and my kids were noticing it ("what's wrong daddy, why are you different now?). It got me really depressed. It was really bad. Now I am feeling really good, if not great and I can thank my SSRI for this.

8 days is a pretty short time. Just remember that the anxiety can't hurt you. Try to accept it and look ahead to when you will be feeling better. The time for feeling better is coming (definitely by the time school starts). There is hope!!!
thank you its just hard. i am going to atleast give it a month to see how i feel. im just scared about the whole cat and mouse game you have to play with these meds to find the right one for you.

im hoping this is the one for me!
wow your right down the street for me....hope your having a great time!. just had a tornado touch down right next to my house.!!

i will look for that book, i was at the library today looking as a matter of fact.

tomorrow im supposed to up my dose to 50 mgs, that kinda makes me worried that it will make the side effects worse, but today hasnt been to bad
I had a ton of luck with Zoloft for GAD and Panic Disorder. As a matter of fact I just started taking it again 5 days ago. Working my way up to 50 mg. Although my anxiety is off the hook right now, I know it's just a start up s/e that will go away in a few weeks. Can't wait to be anxiety and panic free again! Good luck to you! :)

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