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After no real symptoms of anxiety, out of nowhere, I had an anxiety attack at the beginning of June that landed me in the ER. After that, I never felt like myself. My symptoms which would come and go consisted of getting palpitations, light headed, finding it hard to breathe, dizziness, tingles, and feeling like I was going to pass out. It first happened while at a movie, and subsequently happened while at two different comedy shows and a few other movies, but not as serious as that first incident where I really thought I would pass out. So, it seemed situations of being in a large crowd or at a movie/show really brought up my anxiety. Also, any time this would happen, I'd feel the effects slowly fade for at least a day or two after (lingering light headedness mostly).

On July 1 my GP started me on fluoxetine (generic Prozac). 10mg per day for the first week, and then 20mg after. I took it upon myself to go with 4 days of 15mg before going to the full 20mg.

After about 3 days on the 10mg, I noticed small changes. I felt a tiny bit more relaxed, but also had little moments where I felt no emotion about anything at all. Once I went up to 15mg, I was experiencing some other side-effects including random nausea and insomnia. However these side effects mostly subsided and haven't returned.

While I was at 15mg, and for the first 3-4 days at 20mg I was in a FANTASTIC mood. I was relaxed, and it seemed I could see the good in any situation. Life felt very good. I also found myself EXTREMELY chatty and sociable. It was very nice. However, about a week ago (so after being at 20mg for a little over 1 week), I feel like I hit a "brick wall." I now feel lethargic. I had a few symptoms of anxiety come up out of nowhere one evening (not in the usual situation I'd be in when it would come up), and my mood has dropped. In fact, I'd say my mood might be worse than before I started the fluoxetine. There was one day this week where I was in that good mood again, but it was only much later in the day. I take my daily 20mg at 2pm every day, since there are some days where I sleep in pretty late, so making it a 2pm dose means I can stay consistent on when I take it.

Is this something I should push through for awhile longer? I've been on the fluoxetine since July 1, but I've only been at 20mg for a little over 2 weeks now. Might the 20mg be too high of a dose for me, or is it too soon to tell? I'd be willing to try something else, but I kind of hate the idea of coming down off fluoxetine and building up something else that will give me a load of new side-effects. I have read that fluoxetine can slow dopamine production, could that be my issue? I honestly don't know if those few days of a great mood were from the fluoxetine, or if those were moments where I wasn't feeling it.

I'd appreciate any advice you guys have for me. Thank you!!

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