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Hello guys yesterday i was choking on a hot cheeto.. i ran got some water and 20 mins later i was fine

later that day i was fixing the av cables ifor my xbox 360, i was bitting the ends and i ate some wire.. dunno how much but the wire is small

At the end of day i was eating a swadwitch when half way through i just realy couldnt catch my breath i didnt feel anything in my throat though

I also suffer from anxietya nd panic atacs but I don't know if i did get a panic attack since usualy when i do my heart starts racing..

Anyway since yesterday i have been drinking alot of water.. ofor the last couple of months acualy..

I feel that sometimes if i dont drink water i cant breath

anyway rite now i have to take in deep breaths, but usualy when i take in deep breaths it goes all the way through.. and my are big breaths but yet short..

last night i went to sleep.. at around 2.. i managed to slowloy close my eyes after taking my anxietyt pill, celexa

are these just efects of celexa?

i went to the e/.r about 4-5 months ago and they said my heart was okay

but now around 4 weeks ago ive been getting what i think is asmah..

in the morning when i wake and and run quikly to bathroom i have troubles breathing..

i dont even run at all.. oh and i cant even go to wallmart or a store without bring my water bottle

anyway what should i do? i know i should go to the clinic but its closed i plan on going on monday

should i go to e.r? last night i felt like i needed to go.. i was literly crying but then i saw a kriket inside my house and that just blew away and made me forget of everything exept i still had the trouble breathiong

anyway should i eat now? or should i ask my mom to make me a soup....

also! 2 days ago at night i ate around 3-4 ribs and then i just got cold sweats and dizzy and all

ive been tested for diabetes but im fine altho it was 2 months ago....

al these problems started rite after my first panic attack
is something wrong with the wire?

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