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Ok so il start with a story I just got back from vacation I went to meet my sister who I have never met well we were separated at a very very young age I don't remember much but it was traumatic for us and didn't get easier after bouncing around foster care for her and being fought over by my dad and grandma for me. I experienced abuse mentally and sexually and delt with problems on my own long story short I now have anxiety problems and signs of schizophrenia which seem to come and go but I got my klonopin refilled before the trip to take as needed it's the only thing besides Prozac which sent me into a psychosis and gave me an allergic reaction but the klonopin seems to work well it disolves and works fast when I feel anxiety or panic attacks but I want to know I I should switch to Ativan or Xanax I don't want to take something everyday just as needed and something that will work very quick so what is the best for some of you all around like side effects and effectiveness I know this has been touched on but I feel like klonopin is addictive and I hear bad things about it so if some people could give me their opinions on what works best for them that would be awesome my anxiety symptoms occur almost daily but I can control them for the most part and prolly 3 panic attacks a month or so on average for the record any feed ack would be great

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