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Hey Sam12873, I had a horrible night last night. I woke up about an hour or 2 after falling asleep. Felt like a restless feeling and shakiness. Took about 2 hours to subside before I could fall asleep again. Ugh.

The head feeling I get it similar to what you described. It varies sometimes. Sometimes it's a slight dizziness/lightheaded feeling, others it's just a feeling like I'm on the verge of blacking out. Other times it's just a physical heavinesss/icy-hot kind of feeling on the very back. It's all so hard to describe, I always question if I'm describing it right to my doctor. Lately I seem to be getting them *at least* once a day, in one way or another, and for various lengths of time. I can't really pinpoint a trigger, but over time they've gone from getting them mostly just at night, to during the day now too.

I know what you mean about thinking it's cancer or something. Google doesn't help either. I have sat here for hours some days typing in combinations of symptoms, etc, and have gotten results ranging from just anxiety, to cancer, etc. It certainly doesn't help.

I think my overall anxiety is there constantly, 24/7. I can feel it all day long, morning to night. At various times throughout the day it intensifies. Over the last few months, it has differed on how it starts, or has progressed differently I guess? Again, it's really hard to describe. Before it started with a blood rush feeling/wave throughout, then lightheaded/faint feeling, then shaky, and had what felt like enormous pressure on my head/shoulders/neck and an icy hot kind of feeling etc. However, coincidence or not, those bad episodes stopped once I stopped eating or drinking anything with aspartame in it. Those episodes were the worst. Lately, it's just random lightheaded feeling like I'm going to faint, a weakness/heaviness feeling, inner trembling/shakiness. Kind of similar to the above episodes, but not quite, and almost always there, but intensify at random times throughout the day. And whether it's related or not, but I always feel like I have some slight sinus or cold symptoms going on (though I've never had a problem with that in the past), and my anxiety symptoms always seem to get worse, when those do (which is part of the reason I'm still thinking a trip to an ENT might be worthwhile.).

I still haven't started my meds yet, I don't know why I'm so scared to!! Ugh!

I hope things are going ok for you and you had a decent weekend. Mine was spent at home as usual dealing with this stuff! :(

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