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Hi ohiogirl1 you have just discribed my 3 years of I'm shocked we have the same symtoms...minus the feeling in the face..I guess that's yet to come..but rest asured these are the same symtoms I'm having...the head sensations are the worst ever..I get them all the time..worst at the way I discribe it is like a whirlpool senastion and something moving in my head ...very weird...I get the hot rushs in by body right when the anxiety start...then my heart pounds out of chest at 1000 beats per min. Its the worst feeling...I get the same heaviness in my legs..I feel it more coming or going up and down stairs. I have been on lexapro...and busbar I hated caused me to clench my jaw to the point my teeth hurt...and sleeping forget about it...I thought I was going to die from not sleeping for 6 nites...I looked like a zombie ..the meds can cause insomnia and clenching of the jaws..your not alone....I also notice it gets worst for me when I'm about to get my monthly friend..I guess the hormones changes also effects how our body reacts to this ugly anxiety...let me know how its going and if any new changes...

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