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This is long, but I donít know how else to tell it. I am desperate for anyone to help me. I am a 40 yr old woman. Long history of anxiety/panic. I was diagnosed with svt and mild mvp about 7 years ago, take propanolol for it. The Dr.'s kept telling me my heart racing and chest pain was anxiety, and finally I had a Dr. capture the svt. Because of the anxiety I had over my heart, and constant fear of health problems in general, she put me on Lexapro. She had tried other meds first, but I had bad reactions to them. I was on Lexapro for 3 years, it worked great, and I weaned myself off of it in March. I still take Xanax just at night to help fall asleep. I've been fine this whole time until about 3 weeks ago. I started getting lightheaded when I would lay down at night, then it turned into head pressure, vertigo, nausea. Iíd wake up scared and panicking. Then 2 weeks ago yesterday, I was on my computer when I suddenly got this bad pressure in my head, no pain, but it lasted about 10 seconds and felt like my brain was trying to push out of my head. It did it two more times within an hour. I instantly got really scared, check my blood pressure, it was really high, so I called my Dr. to see if I could see her that day to have her check it out. She was out of the office but the other Dr. seen me. The other Dr. does not know anything about my history. She did some office neurological tests, and looked into the back of my eyes. She also looked in my ears and said they were inflammed and red, with fluid in one ear, and my sinuses in the back were inflammed. I asked her if this head pressure could be from my neck being out, because it felt like it was, and she felt my neck. She said my muscles were all knotted up. She told me to take Flonase, a muscle relaxer (I did not get this filled) and if I still felt like this by the next week, to call her and she could order a quick MRI. Also, since it was a Friday, if the pressure came back she said just go to the ER and they could do an MRI right there. She said she did not see any pressure in the back of my head, nor did she think it was heart related, she did not seem real worried, but that it was odd. I have not had anymore of the severe pressure, just a constant one since that day. I called her the next Friday to tell her it hadn't gone away. The nurse called back, I asked if I should take an antibiotic for the ear inflammation, she said no, and asked if I wanted that MRI. I said I was going to wait one more week and see a chiropractor, just in case my neck was out. She said that was a good idea, and just to call if I wanted the MRI. I'm so scared they were going to find something on the MRI so I didn't do it. Now, I wish I did, just so it was done already. I went to a chiropractor that following Monday, he said my neck was out all the way to the top, and also other areas of my back. He did neurological tests too, and said he did not honestly think I had a tumor, and did not think we even needed to do x-rays, but he would let me make that decision. I said I would trust him, and he then used a Pro-Adjustor on me. I felt a little better afterwards, but the ear pressure was still there. I went back the next day, and did it again. It seemed the head pressure was gone, but the ears just a little better. That night, it all came back. I was so freaked out, I decided that I couldnít handle this anxiety anymore, and I started back on my Lexapro. I started out on 5mg, and of course, woke up in the middle of the night with a panic attack, which I just took more Xanax and cold pad. I called the chiro the next morning and he said that with a neck that is out so bad that it can actually take awhile to get it to stay in alignment. He said because I did feel some relief that he thinks I was on the right path, but that maybe I had a secondary problem with my ears. So after I talk to him, I take my 15 yr old son into the walk in clinic to get his sports physical. I decide to have her look in my ears too, since it had been two weeks now. She first tells me my son has a heart murmur and he needs to see a cardiologist, and does not clear him. Then she listens to my heart, says I too have a very pronounced heart murmur, and then looks into my ears. She says they are red and inflamed, and prescribes Augment 825mg, twice a day. She was in there for maybe 5-10 minutes for the both of us. She asked me when I last seen a cardiologist, and I said I see my regular physician for my svt yearly, and she said that wasnít good enough, that I need to see a cardiologist. So, Iím very scared for my son, and myself, and made an appointment with our regular primary physician for both of us. We canít get in for 2 weeks. I told the secretary why we need to see her, and she told me not to freak out, that my sons murmur can be harmless. I took an Augmentin, and then later that night took another. I also took my Lexapro, Flonase and Xanax. During the day I took some Tylenol and Expectorant. About 12:45am, I started throwing up, violently, until 4 am, and then came diarrhea. I was so sick. The next morning, yesterday, I called the walk in clinic to tell them I was too sick to take my meds. They said that it probably was a strange ďcoincidenceĒ, and to not take the antibiotic yesterday, just to try to get some rest and some clear fluids down and if I feel better today to take it. I took the Lexapro still, and Xanax, and still woke up 3 times in the night for the night terrors. Each time I woke up, I would take .25mg Xanax. I woke up at 8:30 this morning, and was nauseated upon waking. I am trying to put a little food in my stomach, but I am just not hungry. I went and fed my horses by myself and then took a shower, and went to the grocery store. I actually felt decent for about an hour. Then it started coming back, the head pressure, dizziness, nausea. I took my antibiotic anyways at 11, it is now 5pm, and Iíve kept it down. I have chest pain off and on and bad stomach noises and diarrhea. I know some of the nausea could be the Lexapro too. I tried taking a nap at 3pm, and woke up at 3:45 in a sheer panic. I woke up with head pressure and spinning, and then my face and body felt sunburnt. Iím so scared that I have either a brain tumor or something deadly wrong with my heart. My poor 15 yr old son is worried about me, and I feel awful. Iím bawling right now. (Coincidentally my husband went to ND to work about a week before all the symptoms started) Thatís it, PLEASE, can anyone relate to this? I need a friend desperately, I have no one to talk to other than my husband, who is out of state and scared about me.

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