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Any Lexapro Users?
Aug 21, 2011
I am on day 4. I took this before, for 4 years, and then stopped in March because I felt good enough. Lots of physical problems happening, so I started back up 4 days ago, on a little less than 5mg, but I am having SEVERE anxiety with this, and I don't know if it's the medicine, or the stress in my life. I am taking Xanax with it, but it doesn't seem to be helping as I feel like my body is crawling out of it's skin. I am also dealing with bad head pressure and ear infections which they gave me an antibiotic too. The walk in clinic told me I have a pronounced MVP and they said the same about my son the same day, and we should see a cardiologist. So that is what started me back on the Lexapro. But I don't remember it making me this crazy before. I have thrown up the last two days maybe from the two new medications, and stress too. I can't sleep at night, because I wake up with pressure in my head, and panic. I take my bp, and it's 140/90, and that's with Xanax. Should I stop it, or should I continue? I want to get my anxiety under control. Since it's Sunday I can't call anyone unless I want to go to the ER. My mom is an RN so I called her and told her what is going on. She said to not go to the ER because they will deal with me being dehydrated and just put an IV in and then send me home with instructions for a follow up with either my primary or a specialist. I am scared of a brain tumor and a heart problem that will need surgery. I have made an appointment with my primary for a follow up for both my son and I, but there was no openings for 2 weeks! HELP please.
My girlfriend took lexapro for a while they gave her Xanax too and the combo put her in the psych ward since they dropped her Xanax but she stayed on lexepro she is no longer taking it but now has anxiety issues oh and she had ppd at the time and I have a problem with thinking I have a brain tumor and other life threatening illness but I have anxiety with signs of schizophrenia so my mind plays alot of tricks on me I'm still waiting for a firm diagnosis the fact you can't get in for two weeks is crazy I would go to a walk in or the er and explain everything but they will prolly just send in. A social worker to talk to you and give you a number to call I don't know if any of that would help but I wanted to respond to help you since there are some similarities
I have taken Lexapro for ten years. You can not go on and off of it when ever you feel like it. It takes up to two weeks to get on and off of it. Five mg's isn't that high. First call your Dr.
You will not feel well until your dose is where it needs to be

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