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Just a quick update, in case any of you are wondering ;) how I'm doing on my Lexapro. Last night I took 10mg, and I had bad anxiety, hyperventilating and very dizzy. Finally got to sleep but was restless and up at 5am. I got up, took one child to school, other one was throwing up (sigh), fed my horses, then took a half of a .25mg Xanax and laid back down in my bed at 9:30. My sick child came and laid in with me and I proceeded to stay in bed attached to the internet reading every single anxiety message I could find for 3 more hours. My Dr.'s nurse calls today, which I already wrote earlier about. I finally at 3:30 can't stand my restlessness so I go to my MIL's and get some hay for my horses. Come home, and proceed to do what I need to do as good mom for the rest of the evening. I took a little less than 10mg tonight of Lexapro, not sure I can handle that anxiety again, plus I'm still restless right now at 9:45pm. I can't tell if it's kicking in, sometimes I feel like it's trying to, and then setbacks. But it's only been 13 days, so I have to be patient. I know being physically sick is also a setback for this. It's hard to feel good when there is an actual infection going on in your head... so I'd really like to get that cleared up. Unfortunately, figuring out how is seemingly frustrating. I'm still having hot flashes, and night sweats. Vivid dreams too, but not as bad. Dull headache, but not sure if that's part of my head pain or not. Oh, still no appetite and if/when I do make myself eat, I get nauseated. I"m overweight, so I'm guessing losing some weight can't be that bad. Tummys a mess at times, but getting better. But I haven't given up.

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