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I personally do not think you can cure GAD with medications like SSRI's and benzos. They only mask sx's and manage the disorder for awhile. A few people it seems are very fortunate. Their body/brain chemistry's are such that they can stay on these drugs a lifetime and not experience tolerance to any significant degree. I know someone who has been on valium nearly 40 years and never has grown tolerant to the drug. He is very fortunate. He is in his mid 70's and has been able to use to drug to control/manage the disorder for most of his adulthood, and the drug has enabled him to lead a full productive life. He is by no means cured. If it stops taking the drug, the disorder re-manifests itself plus long-term medical management with drugs like benzos and ssri's have a horrible withdrawal syndrome associated with them. I do wish I could find an ssri to control my GAD. I have tried nearly all of them. I could not tolerate most of them and the few that I tolerated ok like zoloft and lexapro had minimal effect on my anxiety.

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