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Muscle tension, pain, spasms, etc. are common with anxiety. I get muscle tension in my back, abdomen, neck and shoulders that comes and goes. Sometimes it can get severe, other times it's hardly noticable.
Thank you for your reply. There are times I definitely feel very anxious and panicked, and other times I do feel pretty calm. Even during those calm times, I think I tend to feel stressed at work and even stressed about how I feel each day with these pains. I think I'll start working on lowering my stress and anxiety, possibly getting back on an antidepressant since that's also been a struggle, and maybe schedule massages every now and then. I'm hoping it's lifestyle changes that can get rid of these pains. It seems like my muscle spasms are starting to affect my hearing, since my hearing goes out for a few seconds much more often (usually it's only allergy-related for me) and very loud constant ear-ringing. Anxiety and stress can make the body really feel bad! I hope your own tension, pain, and spasms get better with time too, or at least less severe.

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